• Step 1: Basic Intensive Training

The Basic Intensive Training is the first step in the certification process and is taught by institute-approved faculty throughout the United States, Canada and other countries around the globe.

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  • Step 2: Basic Practicum

The Basic Practicum consists of 30 hours of instruction, 12 of which must be face-to-face directly with a Practicum Supervisor.

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  • Step 3: Advanced Intensive Training

The third step in the process leading to Certification is the Advanced Intensive Week which brings participants to a higher level of experience and understanding of Dr. Glasser's reality therapy, choice theory and lead management.

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  • Step 4: Advanced Practicum

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  • Step 5: Certification!

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  • Glasser Fund Scholarship WGI-SE

Scholarships are available and can be applied to Basic, Advanced or Certification training. Monies are to be used to offset expenses in attending a future training. We appreciate the generosity of the Glasser Fund in providing the funds equivalent to $250.00 for each of four applicant awards each year. The Southeast Region provides two duplicate awards. Therefore, we are able to offer three scholarships each six months. The awards are given for the six-month period of the year following the award date.

Application for the Glasser Fund Scholarship.