Stay Tuned For 2017 Regional Meeting Information!

WGI-SE Regional Meeting Agenda 2016

Saint Patrick Catholic School, Norfolk, VA

Friday, September 9th & Saturday, September 10th


I.                    Friday

a.       11:00AM Lunch at Saint Patrick Catholic School

b.       Student led school tours

c.       5:00PM Dinner together – Dutch treat


II.                 Saturday AM

a.       9:00AM Welcome, introductions & refreshments

b.       9:30AM Report from WGI by US Representative Nancy Herrick

                                                              i.      Changes in the CT/RT certification process

                                                            ii.      Global update on Take Charge of Your Life

                                                          iii.      Quality School process

1.       Courses under development

2.       Quality School rubric developed in the US

                                                           iv.      Website update /  walk-through

c.       10:00AM Report from the 2016 WGI Conference in Korea

                                                              i.      photographic walk-through of the conference and Seoul

                                                            ii.      Research Committee update

d.       10:15-10:30AM BREAK

e.       10:30AM-11:30AM Break-out sessions

f.        11:30AM-12:30PM Break-out sessions (participants rotate groups)

III.              Lunch 12:30PM-1:30PM (brought into school)

IV.              Saturday PM

a.       1:00PM Regional meeting

                                                              i.      Regional incorporation has lapsed

1.       Insurance/discussion 

2.       Need to vote to formally reconstitute SE Region’s Board and officers as well as re-approve/revise bylaws

3.       Treasurer report

4.       Do we incorporate again? is doing so in North Carolina okay? If yes, then Regional Rep. can pursue this

                                                            ii.      Our region is hosting the National Conference in Raleigh July 2017 at the Brownstone Hotel:           

1.       2:00PM Presentation about the conference!

2.       2:15PM Planning for conference

I.                    Volunteers

II.                  Committees

3.       Suggestions

                                                          iii.      Break-out into committees for conference planning

b.       3:30PM-4:00PM Closing activity

c.       Those staying overnight gather for dinner